Conservative Cannibalism

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Does this image disturb you? It should. Does this happen very often in real life, no, but I think that there is at least one case of physical cannibalism each year. And while I will not say that mental, emotional, and ideological cannibalism is worse, per say, I will state that it is a growing epidemic among conservative groups, organizations, and pages on social media.

I chose this image for three reasons: 1.) To get your attention. 2.) To symbolize cannibalism. 3.) To show you how ugly it is getting, even when it is just words that are being used to eat the young of groups and individuals that are supposed to be on each others side in so-called conservative movements.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again; the one thing that Liberals have that we Conservatives do not is unity and community. They back each other up no matter how ridiculous or abhorrent another liberals remarks, actions, or ideas are.

Now, I am not saying that we should do that, too, I am just saying lets not be so quick to rip the proverbial throat and heart out of other conservatives before they even finish the sentence it is that might irritate you. As Conservatives, the one thing we always had over the liberals was the moral high-ground, before our country started becoming more interested in all things  Evil like the image on the left represents, then they were in God.

Today, however, that is not the case. I usually like to bash on liberals, admittedly, but today I am going to call out my own folks, some conservatives, and others only conservative in name to make a quick buck.

The most common type of conservative cannibalism that you see today, and the area that has the most viral and nasty strains of this type of sickness, is between the conservative pages on Facebook.

The amount of division among not just different so-called conservative pages, but the people who are members of the same page, and sometimes even the admins of those pages, cannot get a long with anyone who is another conservative long enough to forge any true alliances and unity in order to change the minds of Americans. Instead, all they do is bicker among themselves and with others who are all supposed to be on the same team, because one or the others’ ideas do match up 100% with the their’s and that ladies and gentlemen, is going to kill us.

If we do not get it together by 2014  and win the mid-term elections, you will see the rise of Hillary, and she will most likely win the election, especially if the in-fighting of the Republican Party continues. You got the old-school guys like McCain and Graham, (Both Rino’s) that would rather work with the Democrats and diminish their once great standing among conservatives, because they are more worried about being out-shined by the new breed Tea Party Conservatives like Senator Rand Paul (R) Kentucky and Senator Ted Cruz (R) Texas, than losing their power and influence over the GOP. It is sad and it is a shame.

What happens to these people, both the creators and supporters of certain so-called conservative pages, as well as the politicians, is a three-ingredient recipe for disaster. Ego, Money, and Power become the driving forces in their lives and movements, until it permeates everything about them. The three original ingredients cook into Narcissism, Greed, Corruption. And once good people and movements become infected by the virus that causes them to eat each other and themselves, eventually.

Some of these people just want to sell a brand and merchandise under the guise of being patriotic and having conservative values, when they could really care less about anyone or anything but themselves. But who am I talking about, conservative pages and admin on Facebook, or politicians? See what I am getting at? It is pretty scary when you can’t tell the two apart anymore, but here are the three things they have in common for many of them that claim to represent the ideals of traditional American values. They cry out freedom and all the other keywords that get people’s attention, appearing to fight valiantly against the liberal hoard, and their Dictator in Washington, all the while acting like power-hungry dictators themselves, silencing opinion, lashing out at constructive criticism, and demanding everyone that follows them to bow down and obey, and to only hear their message, and only wear their T-Shirt, and only fly their flag.

Sound familiar? It should, because you can see it happening all around you. People shake their heads and say, “How did we lose that election,” or, “How do people like this keep getting voted in?” The answer to that is simple. We lack unity, and that is because a small percent of the people calling themselves conservatives are truly only interested in building themselves a base to make money off of. Now, there is nothing wrong with making money. This is America and I am an unashamed capitalist pig, but at least be honest. Have some integrity and be who you are instead of pretending to be some super-hero to the masses, and even your own people, that you could care less about. Again, who am I referring too? The Facebook “Commanders” of certain conservative pages, or the phony politicians that they are supposedly rallying against?

You want to know three more things they have in common, folks? Paranoia, control issues, and a lack of Jesus in their lives. They will say the names, God and Jesus all day, people, if it makes them more money and a few more fans or voters, but the truth is that it is just another marketing strategy to them.

Most of the conservative base is Christian, some are not, but a lot are. We here at Christian Patriots United are not perfect, we are not here to beat you over the head with a Bible, judge you, tell you how to live, what to believe in, or preach to you, but we will bring you the truth, even if it is hard and ugly, and we will do it for free. We are non-profit organization. We are a community. I firmly believe that the Lord Almighty strengthens our hands for battle against our and His enemies, but that is only when there is no chance of negotiating with reason, logic, and diplomacy. Ask yourself this, too; what did God say, what did Christ say about loving your neighbor and praying for you enemies? The answer is simple. He said to do both.

So, when you see a so-called conservative group or politician saying that they want God back in things, know them by the fruit they bear. The real ones will be positive and calm, the false ones will be aggressive and dismissive. The real ones will be firm, but calm, the fake ones will huff and puff and scream and yell. The real one’s will have respect for different opinions from like-minded people when trying to come to a solution to the same problem from different perspectives. The fake ones will become enraged at anyone that does not agree with them and their view totally, and will brand them an enemy, a poser, and not a true patriot.

If you stop and think for yourselves as intelligent, conservative, believers in God, you know the truth in your heart, mind, and soul. We have to recognize these things quickly, so that we can turn this great nation around before it is too late. This conservative cannibalism has got to stop, and we need to separate ourselves from the false prophets of conservatism as fast as we can, before their rage, lust for money and power, and anger destroy what is left of our movement. They attack from the inside, sometimes intentionally, sometimes blinded by their own pride, while the Left attacks from every direction. How can we fight off an invading enemy if our body is so sick with internal infection that we cannot even stand?

Some people will read this and shout, “Why is he saying that? Isn’t he a conservative and a patriot?!” I am both of those things, but if you think our common enemy cannot see it plain as day, you are sadly mistaken. The men and women that pose as conservatives, whether in media or politics that are only there to make a buck, are the same and no better than most of the television evangelists you see telling you to give them all your money while wearing tailored suits and diamond studded jewelry. Lucifer rules the airwaves, so be weary my friends.

God Bless You.

Daniel P. O’Rourke

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