Egyptian Authorities Crack Down on The Muslim Brotherhood: Possible Ban

See, ladies and gentlemen, there is a God. And He is on the side of light and justice, and the American, Israeli, and Egyptian People. He is for all of us that stand against brutal dictators, tyrannical governments, and nefarious organizations. Now, the Egyptian military and government is considering a ban on the Muslim Brotherhood. Thank God. The Egyptian People have spoken, the world has spoken, and there is no place or tolerance for Radical Islamic Terrorists and Extremists among a civilized world and societies. We here in America do not want them on our shores or influencing policy in our country, Israel certainly does not want them in power, and now the good, everyday regular people of the Middle East in general are rejecting these ideologies, specifically that of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda in Egypt.

Over the last week, several clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and those opposed to the Brotherhood, including the military, have resulted in violence, blood, and chaos across Egypt. While terrorists like to encourage all those things, their attitude changes quickly when the shoe is on the other foot. That is because Islamic Extremists are cowards at their core, and will do whatever two-faced deeds are necessary to survive. They will kill and spill the blood of the innocent without regard to decency or law, and then when they find themselves under attack, they will attempt to invoke those same laws.

With Radical Islam, they are an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, so reap the whirlwind, Muslim Brotherhood. Live by the sword, die by the sword. You made your bed with the help of your #1 Fan Barack Hussein Obama, now lie in it and take your medicine. And if you think Obama is going to come and help you, I have bad news for you. He is not. It is no longer convenient or politically ideal for him to support you. His time in America is almost over. Soon, both Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood will be obscure aberrations in history, both only remembered for their failures.

Over the last week, 700 + people have died in Egypt alone, meanwhile Secretary of State John Kerry and the POTUS are off on vacation as usual. Syria is continuing to get worse and worse as the days pass, and even two of the biggest political rino whores in history, Senator John McCain (R)- AZ and Senator Lindsey Graham (R)- SC have decided it is time for them to stand with Senator Rand Paul (R)- KY on not sending money and arms to the Middle East with a blank check. 

Goodbye, Muslim Brotherhood. May God Bless and Protect the good people of Egypt and keep the Coptic Christians there from slaughter. Let us look at Egypt’s military as a reminder of what a military with their priorities straight and the interest of The People look like. It is a sad day when Americans are taking examples of revolution and righteousness from the Egyptian People and their military. That should be a testament to just how far down Obama and his supporters have driven this country. Let’s throw off the shackles of them in the 2014 Mid-Term Elections.

God Bless You.

Daniel P. O’Rourke

2 thoughts on “Egyptian Authorities Crack Down on The Muslim Brotherhood: Possible Ban

  1. i give all honor and glory to my lord jesus christ.lorD have a hedge of protection around all brothers n sisters in christ around the world in jesus name

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