Joker’s Wild

Image URI: JPEG URI:, is anyone really surprised? Barack Obama lied again in a story surrounding our military and terrorism. But, this wasn’t just any operation, my friends, oh no. This was possibly the biggest military operation in United States history, and what was the Pretender-in-Chief doing during the Bin Laden raid by Seal Team VI? He and the rest of his cabinet were raptly paying attention to the live feed of the entire operation, right?


Obama and some of his cabinet members went out in the middle of the raid to play several games of spades. Now, this is typical behavior for a common Chicago street thug to do in jail, but not typical or acceptable behavior for a sitting President of the United States of America, especially during a spec-ops mission to capture or kill the man who was responsible for the single largest loss of American life in history. The problem, folks, is that we have a common Chicago street thug that belongs in jail, who is also the POTUS, and therein lies the fundamental problem with the whole situation our country is in.

Not only does this incident confirm Obama’s obvious disdain for our military, particular Seal Team VI, who he twice called Dick Cheney’s personal assassination squad, but shows his lack of interest in our national security, and the men and women who protect it, too. It is only compounded by the fact that this was admitted by his long time aide and one of the people who played spades with the president during the Bin Laden raid. The name of that aide is Reggie Love, and former assistant to the president.

It is not surprising that the Liberal Media is back up to their old tricks again, CBS News in particular, who are once again making excuses for the president’s behavior, after their short-lived lovers quarrel after it was discovered the DOJ was spying on members of the media.

Well, you don’t have to worry about us pulling punches here at Christian Patriots United. Facts are facts, and the fact is that this president does not care about our military, our interests overseas, or the war on terror. In fact, he loathes them and finds them unimportant. His soft spot for Islam, even radicals, is so big, and his vision for America so drastically different from what most of us want, it has occurred to me that all Obama is really interested in is killing two birds with one stone. He will happily send our best to eliminate America’s enemies to make himself look good and take credit for it, all the while hoping, and even possibly manufacturing the deaths of American Special Forces Operatives, especially members of Seal Team VI, with the Extortion 17 Operation as a prime example, as written about by our own CPU columnist, Boomer, who has exclusive knowledge of that operation and who has written about it extensively.

Mr. President, I hope you enjoy your card games, Hip-Hop parties, and vacations for your remaining time in office. Something tells me that once you are no longer president, the People and the new administration are going to come to collect on your bills still owed and “new” evidence that will come to light after you are no longer in office. To that I say God Willing. We can all hope and pray for that. The last time I checked, that is still legal. While being a total failure and disgrace to an entire nation, and turning us into a laughing-stock of the whole world is also still legal, some of the things you are doing are not, and it will catch up to.

God Bless You.

Daniel P. O’Rourke

Christian Patriots United Memes

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