Nerd on Nerd Cyber-Violence as Zuckerberg Gets Hacked

(Photo Courtesy of Please excuse the language, but if the shoe fits…

This is the day and age we live in, folks. A time and era where in order to get attention because someone will not listen to you, taking the law into your own hands and breaking those laws becomes the norm. What is worse, this kind of behavior is then rewarded by the people who you trespassed against.

Mark Zuckerberg, creator and CEO of Facebook, recently had his personal Facebook account hacked. According to an excerpt from, Khalil Shreateh, a Palestinian Security Researcher and Information Systems Expert,

…warned Facebook he had found a glitch that allowed him to post messages on any user’s wall, regardless of privacy settings.

After twice attempting to warn Facebook of this problem, and not getting what he thought was the necessary attention, he turned to using it on Zuckeberg’s personal page, Then, and only then, did Facebook pay attention.

As is common to Palestinians who break the law and have an entitlement issue, Mr. Shreateh demanded compensation for his reporting of the bug and bringing it to Facebook’s attention. However, Mr. Shreateh was not rewarded, and in typical Facebook fashion, they suspended his account and did not pay him. I am having a hard time deciding who the bigger jerk is here. Is it the Palestinian Hacker or Facebook? They both acted like tools in my humble opinion.

While Mr. Shreateh was not rewarded for his findings, this story has brought to light the fact that Facebook has what is called a “Whitehat” system that deals with this kind of situation.

Facebook has a bounty program — a “whitehat” system — where it pays people to report bugs instead of using them or selling them on the black market. –

The thing I have never liked about this cyber sub-culture in America is the fact that you have adults that were most likely bullied as children, who have grown up to become bullies themselves, but on a digital and electronic plain. When they don’t get what they want, they threaten to hack your private information, ruin your credit, and assassinate your character, often with little consequence. These Facebook Gangsters are often some punk that never grew up, sitting in their mom’s basement, committing all sorts of nefarious acts as they troll the internet to find targets of their passive-aggressive abusive behavior. It really is sick.

To make matters worse, there are programs like the ones mentioned above to negotiate these cyber-terrorists into not using what they know for ill gains, or to even give them a job in some instances. After 9/11, the NSA and DoD reached out to people like this and gave them a job. Enter Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning.

In this day and age, it is becoming SOP to appease these Trolls that suffer from an adjustment disorder, instead of put them in their place, track them down, and punish them for their illegal activity. Most of these people would not pop a grape in a fruit fight, they have been cowards most of their lives after all, but with the push of a button, they can ruin yours in many ways and are rewarded and encouraged for this by some.

People say that it is a “Brave New World.” I find very little about it brave. Call me old-fashioned, but perhaps we should call it a “Cowardly New World.”

God Bless You

Daniel P. O’Rourke

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