Survival Tips: Utilizing Common Household Items

I wanted to get more in depth on certain items in a survival situation, should one occur. We have many lightweight items that sit around, and we do not even realize their true potential. If we were put into a survival situation would we be prepared and utilize everything possible?

There are many “survival” companies out there making a profit by selling heavy objects that can be replaced with household items. The one thing many are missing, however, is a guide sheet that will remind us how and when to use these items.

First, I would suggest making a waterproof guide that will become your second bible. Remember the internet will not be of any service to you at this point and memory is not something I would rely on alone.

One of the most important household items that are not thought of is socks.  Socks have so many uses and yet weigh so little. The most important use would be to keep your feet dry and warm and should be changed often. But beyond that, do you know any other uses? Socks can be used as a water filter for beginners. They will not filter microscopic organisms, but will do a great job with larger particles and mud. Another use for socks is kindling. If you have never put a flame to a new sock, try it sometime. You may be surprised on how the flame spreads for a short period of time, allowing just enough time and heat to ignite stubborn tender.

Image URI: JPEG URI:, socks can be loaded with heavy objects and used as an easily thrown weapon. Blunt force is all that is needed to take down small game such as rabbits. Accuracy is easily achievable with a little practice too. A sock filled with rice, and a little heat applied, can be used on muscle aches and twisted ankles, arthritis and much more pain relief. Socks will also make a nice soft brace, supporting sore joints. You can use socks as “pot holders” while cooking as well as hand and ear warmers. You can also join socks to make a blanket and fill with soft material for a pillow. The last item I will discuss created with socks is probably not the best thing to discuss. You can use socks filled with dry grass as a diaper or feminine hygiene product.

Most households have dental floss to clean your teeth, but it can be used in many survival situations. Dental floss is a great alternative to carrying around a large spool of fishing line. The strength of dental floss is underestimated by many. Dental floss is also sterile and can be used as sutures to close any cuts that are sure to happen in a survival situation. Another overlooked use; dental floss can be used as a saw for small limbs and twigs to collect for fire wood. A piece of cable or wire would be a better saw, but it will take up more space. Floss will do fine as a trip line or snare to trap with also. The most amazing use for dental floss will scare some of you though. You can braid dental floss to create a cord that you can literally repel with.

One last item I want to cover is Silver. Silver is not as common of a household item, but we are all familiar with it. Most of us have Silver in the form of jewelry and utensils possibly. Many have thought of collecting silver for a bartering tool, but there are much better uses.  Some of you have probably heard of colloidal Silver used in medicine and some of you may not have, but very few know how to make their own. For those of you who do not know, Silver is a natural antibiotic and will kill most harmful organisms within hours. When medicine is not an option, you can count on Silver to keep your health. Here you can find a great guide for making your own colloidal Silver. You will notice that the “recipe” calls for strips of Silver cut from a flat sheet.

The melting point of Silver is 962 degrees. The average temperature of hard wood used in a camp fire is 900-1100 degrees, showing that it is very realistic to melt down any Silver needed to make your own flat sheets. You only need a metal, Iron, that will not melt and could also be used to flatten the Silver as it cools. You just need to make sure your Silver is .999 percent pure and you have distilled water, just as the “recipe” calls for.  Silver can also be shaped into caps to place over painful teeth. Gold has many of the same properties for dental purposes as well as an arthritis pain reliever if injected, but I am not that skilled and would not recommend injecting any metals into your body. Silver is also a great item to use as insulation for heat as well as a great conductor for electricity.

You can think of all your light weight items in your home and with a little thought, the possibilities of their uses are endless and I have only began to give examples. I will continue to offer ideas with items in the future.

Bryan Turner

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