Insisting on Insanity


Roman Ruins

The wheel keeps turning…How many times have civilizations risen, only to crumble to dust in the 6000 odd years of this current cycle of recorded history? We can look back into the archeological record and find the evidence, we can corroborate myths and legends to form a pretty accurate picture of what happened to the Sumerians, Assyrians, Greeks,  Romans etc. We can refer to documentation, religious texts and other means to trace the end of the Aztecs and other “indigenous” tribes around the world.  We can do all this and more, yet it seems we really have learned nothing.

I’m not a scholar, I’m just an average person in all respects, yet it doesn’t take an Einstein to look back and see the disturbing similarities between the fallen empires of the past and what we are witnessing in the world today. We have technology the likes of which have never been seen before, we speak to each other from any point on the globe at the speed of light. We are taking the first tentative steps off this planet toward the stars. We can cure the once incurable if we so choose, yet we allow  a corrupt few to dominate the masses. We cower in fear in the presence of those who claim divine right, or by virtue of obscene wealth, the power to rule over us.

How many times throughout history have people stood against tyrants, only to have their society fall into ruin and chaos? How many times have humans knocked themselves so far back as to have to start from scratch? HOW MANY TIMES?!  With today’s technology, we, common human beings, have the ability to move mountains. Each and every one of us are unique and have the ability, the natural-born right to stand against the corrupt and despotic. We have the right to say no and determine for ourselves what direction to take on the path of life.  Look to the people of Egypt, descendants of one of the earliest great civilizations… 33 MILLION individuals became aware of their power to become one against tyranny, chose to say NO to the Muslim Brotherhood and their ally, the American GOVERNMENT. They choose to determine for themselves what government to have serve their needs, not what outsiders wish to impose on them.

This is the spirit that must be harnessed by all people yearning to be free. This is the biggest fear of the old money, so-called “powers that be”.

Those that call for a “New World Order” are quaking in their boots now that the “cattle” are stirring, becoming aware of the great power we hold.  We must not give up one more ounce of control to these evil cretins.  Every bit of control we give over to government ( especially that given over “for our own good”) puts us one step closer to an assured demise. We must not allow these creatures of the dark side to continue driving wedges of race, cultural difference, or political correctness between us to divide and conquer. We must drive those who wish to subjugate us beyond the brink of extinction, not merely underground as has been done in the past, only to have them rise up and threaten us again.

Many of the Earth’s major religions share common stories of creation, life, death and renewal.  Today, civilization seems to be rushing to the Final Conflict between good and evil.  Jesus may return astride a white horse, with a sword coming from His mouth, but it will be US doing the fighting against the evil that occupies the earth today…That is what people don’t understand, it will be PEOPLE fighting PEOPLE, not angels against demons. God can beat the Devil whenever he wants…He wants US to prove our strength and worthiness… at least that’s how I see it because that is how I’ve been raised. I’m not assuming to speak for other religions, but I will take a guess that their visions may be similar.

Speaking now strictly of Americans… We should be ashamed at what we have let our nation become. Regardless of what our so-called “leaders ” of today would have us believe, this nation may not have been founded solely on the Word of God, but surely on its principles.  What is so wrong with “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Just what is so hideous in our Constitution and Bill of Rights that they should be changed at the whim of Obama and his perverted cohorts?  What makes them believe that they can run roughshod over the beliefs and desires of those they have been elected to serve?

America has become a modern-day Roman Empire, rife with corruption and lawlessness within the halls of power, its military stretched thin by ill-conceived wars of modern economic conquest. Welfare programs giving bailouts to the rich, handouts to the poor, all while breaking the backs of those in the middle who pay for it all.  The First Family jet-setting around the world while telling us to tighten our belts. Letting enemies to our way of life into our government, OUR White House, while we mere commoners must stay outside and not soil their surroundings.

Wake up America, Red, Black,Yellow, White, Brown, and every shade in between…Take a lesson from Egypt and every other country where people are willing to use sticks and stones against armored troops in their fight to be free…The final battle is coming, it is time to get off this wheel of insanity, break the cycle and move on to a new age, one of peace and dare I say enlightenment. Our governments have the ability to return us to the stone age, to oblivion if we let them. We must take the reins back now and destroy those who would do us harm. We must destroy the evil lurking among us once and for all. Good over Evil. Light over Darkness. Which do you choose?

Bret Bourg

One thought on “Insisting on Insanity

  1. You go get em’ BB. That was awesome, and it is so good to see another American on the same path I have been trodding for some 40 ought years. One of my fav singers back then, before he died in a plane crash was Jim Croce about a song he sang, we many walking the true path, helping the last one to pass you by. It is more than past the time to take back this great nation. And we have just so few months to make some serious changes. Don’t know where you live, but I am looking hard at local politicians that also are more interested in returning our country back to its roots. Yes, I keep hearing all the crap about separately church and state, but our forefathers only wanted the church to keep out of politics because of what continued to happen in Europe and other countries where they came from, where the church did more than just rule, they treated each other horribly, like the Spanish inquisition, the protestant movements away from the “holy Roman Empire”, which we still have today, thriving and spilling untruths to about a billion people, sadly and other instances where the church leaders thought that they knew more about governing people because “they” were the direct line to our Lord? But regardless of all that, our forefathers came here as Christians, and the majority of immigrants that came here were also Christians, but they wanted to have religious freedoms so their new country wouldn’t become what their old countries had become, just like you said above. But the basic principles of this majestic nation, so unique among all the ones before, were born of the Bible, and God’s Word. This nation will survive, WE will survive because we have built our “country” upon a solid foundation, THE ROCK, and we shall never, never be swayed by the voice of man or the gun in it:) have a blessed day and continue the great work:) peace be with you,
    oh btw, like the contrast colors of this page, reads better for us old timers:)

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