Cold Blooded Racist “Thrill Kill” Murder in Oklahoma Ellicits Call for Gun Control from Libs

When 22 year old Christopher Lane of Melbourne, Australia was viciously gunned down Friday in Duncan, Oklahoma, the mainstream media barely paid any attention, nor did Al Sharpton or President Obama. The young baseball star, in the United States attending East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, was jogging alongside the road when three young men, who later admitted to police upon their apprehension that “We were bored, and didn’t have anything to do, so we decided to kill somebody,” murdered Lane in cold blood with a single shot to the back.

Both sides of the gun debate have already come out swinging in the US, and the Australian anti-gun faction is calling for a boycott of travel to the United States. It has already become a politicized event, and will continue to get worse, as any incident seems to awaken the administration’s hunger for more control leading toward gun confiscation.

Wednesday night on Hannity, former LAPD Detective Mark Fuhrman stated: “Let’s not use ‘thrill kill and boredom’. The essence of this murder is simply one thing. It’s a hate crime and it’s probably a hate crime based on his race,” to which Monica Crowley, substituting for Sean Hannity, argued that the hate crime element has not yet been proven, but she also noted, about the young men charged, that “One has spewed some anti-white, racist comments and Tweets; one of them is apparently tied to the Crips gang, and one has been photographed with a rifle. This looks like purely premeditated murder.” Evidence has already come out showing the Facebook pages of at least one of the men making anti-white comments and the Twitter account showing racially charged comments.

Rod Wheeler, former DC Police Detective, also appearing on Hannity, stated about the suspects “New info today shows one has posted on his Facebook page that ‘two people would drop the next day’; ‘bang bang ‘ is what he posted, so it must be considered if this was premeditated. Also we have to look at, they had a .22 gun readily available and almost 50 rounds of ammunition. Police said they believe they were going to go on a shooting spree before they went and killed other people.” Fuhrman then commented that “They were using a .22 pistol–something that has been around for 100 years, and one box of ammo, so they weren’t armed to the teeth. They were barely armed at all.”

Incredibly, although predictably, some of the gun grabbers are already attempting to use this horrific incident toward the administration’s agenda of gun confiscation. Michelle Malkin appeared on Fox News rebutting radio host Richard Fowler, who brought up the preposterous notion of “A need for gun safety laws and background checks,” already pushing for additional gun laws. Malkin astutely inquired “What gun laws in particular would have saved this young man’s life? Assault weapons ban? The weapon was a .22 pistol.” Malkin added: “It is already illegal for teenagers in every state in this country to murder people with any weapon. It’s not gun control but gang control, behavioral control, impulse control,  and moral guardrails that need to be reestablished in our culture.” Malkin echoed recent comments stated by Bill O’Reilly since the George Zimmerman – Trayvon Martin trial regarding cultural accountability.

We have a problem in this country with lack of parental supervision and involvement, breakdown of the family, lack of teaching basic values and moral guidance, and too much political correctness in schools and too little teaching of the difference between right and wrong. Tolerance is the guiding tenet in the school agendas and in that, anything goes. With no family checks and balances, we are now seeing things such as killing for sport and hunting humans emerge from the “boredom” of teenagers who have no moral compass. Our culture is lacking the guidelines once set forth by churches and a pair of involved parents in the home, along with common sense being taught and reinforced in schools rather than the radical left-wing agenda now practiced.

After Malkin’s comments, guest host Crowley added: “The gang culture and violent culture is a problem and we need to keep the guns out of hands of criminals. Gun control shouldn’t be leveled against law abiding citizens.” The anti-gun politicians can’t seem to get the message that the country’s founding fathers knew centuries ago, that an armed populace creates more safety and less violence, which is proven by statistics. Compare Duncan, Oklahoma or any town in Oklahoma, with Chicago to see the vast difference. Chicago, known for having the strictest gun laws in the country, also has the highest statistics of gun violence and yet no mention is ever made by the likes of Sharpton and others as to how to save the black children being killed in the streets daily at the hands of thugs with guns. The only proposed answer they ever have is to disarm innocent Americans. There is simply no profit for them in taking note of this story for any other reason, so they continue to race-bait and join in the fray of gun grabbers to disarm law abiding citizens. It is shameful that they seem to have no legitimate concern for those of their own race dying in the streets of cities like Chicago. Can you imagine the outrage if Christopher Lane had been a black Nigerian student brutally shot down for sport by white teenagers who were “bored and decided to shoot someone”? It would be endless.

Written by: Boomer

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2 thoughts on “Cold Blooded Racist “Thrill Kill” Murder in Oklahoma Ellicits Call for Gun Control from Libs

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  2. No one has said where they got the gun– probably the mother of the killer a convicted felon- There was a pic posted showing him posing with a rifle at home– It is a federal gun felony for a felon to have a gun or one in their access– in the home.
    So what NEW gun law – at least two were broken. Criminal do not obey laws- that their nature–

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