Coptic Christians Killed as Obama, World Watch

I have a feeling that if Muslims were being slaughtered in Mosques and targeted specifically because of their religion anywhere, but especially in the Middle East, there would be multiple U.N. mandates, world out cry and disgust, and the mainstream media groups would be reporting it as breaking news on all channels. But, if you are a Christian, particularly of the Coptic sect in Egypt (one of the oldest Christian groups in history), you do not matter as much. In fact, the Coptic Christians in Egypt and other Christian groups in Syria, and around the Middle East and North Africa are being targeted, harassed, attacked, and murdered for the fact that they are Christians.

Where is the collective gasp of global condemnation? Why are only some of the excellent, but smaller conservative news sites like Breitbart and The Blaze the only one’s heavily reporting this? Why is it alright for Muslims to kill Christians because of their beliefs, but a Christian, even here in America, faces possible hate-crime charges for simply speaking out against Islam. I guess it is in line with the same twisted thinking that can call George Zimmerman a “white man” and a racist for what happened to Trayvon Martin, but two black teens and a bi-racial teen can kill a “white man” in Oklahoma, and even specifically state it is out of hate, but it does not get reported. But, I digress…

That is a different story, but the relationship between it and the slaughter of the Coptic Christians in Egypt is found in the mentality of the mass-media in this country and abroad. Make no mistake about it, Good People, whether Christians are actually being shot, beheaded, and blown up (which is happening), or the media that has a responsibility to report these matters are either silent, or under-reporting it, there is a very real war against Christianity going on. In the Middle East, it is a shooting war. Here in America, it is a war of ideologies, omission, the stripping of religious freedoms from Christians, and pressure and intimidation against Christian groups.

Here are the facts about some recent actions against and by Coptic Christians that you most likely will not hear about on the evening news of the major networks, or on the main cable news channels. Recently, four Coptic Christians were killed in Egypt while they were at Mass. Hundreds of Coptic Christians in Nashville, Tennessee here in America took to the streets in peaceful protests, asking President Barack Hussein Obama why he does not care about them, their countrymen, faith, and families in Egypt, but is willing to support the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic groups that are killing Coptic Christians inside their native country. According to a report by The Blaze,

More than 60 Coptic Christian churches and numerous archaeological treasures have been completely destroyed or damaged by Islamists.

So, again I ask, where is the outrage? Earlier last month, the Islamists in Burma and other parts of Indonesia were attacking Buddhists, and the Buddhists fought back and had to do so in their own villages. Now, I am not an expert on Buddhism, but the last time I checked, it was pretty hard to make the people who practice it angry, and almost impossible to push them to resort to violence.

My last question is this, when is the World, the different nations that make it up, and the useless United Nations going to stop being intimidated by Islam and Radical Muslims, when are we going to stop coddling them, and when are people going to wake up, or for the ones that know what is going on, going to grow a backbone and call the increasingly violent “religion” of Islam/Muslims what it is? How are Evangelical Christians, Catholics, and the Jewish Defense League being called radicals by elements of our own government here in America, yet we have a President, Senators, and Congressmen willing to send heavy weaponry to the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and “rebels” that eat peoples’ internal organs out of their dead bodies?

There can be only one explanation for why these things are happening. I think you all know what that is. It is intentional. We as Christians/Conservative/Patriots and everyone else just in the name of decency have to get the truth out on this. One small website and Facebook Page cannot do it alone. If you get a chance to read this, I humbly ask that you share it as well. We have Brothers and Sisters the world over that need our prayer and our help. Thank you.

God Bless You.

Daniel P. O’Rourke

3 thoughts on “Coptic Christians Killed as Obama, World Watch

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