My Parenting Resolutions for 2013: Health and Fitness for the Mind, Body, and Soul


This is the only Family Unit we need in this country.

We are half-way through 2013 already, but I thought that I would share my parenting plan (at least the attempt) with you all. The traditional family unit and the two parents, whether married or divorced, is the single most important element in a strong society, other than God, who is the foundation and the cornerstone. With God, the parents, and the family, we grow good, decent children most of the time. The children truly are the future, so it scares me to think about who might be leading the country in 20 years. So, I am doing my part to strive to raise good kids, children that will be better men than I am, and hopefully this shows some of you that you are not the only ones trying to rear decent human beings.

As a father, my resolution is to keep my kids focused on Jesus Christ, keep their minds engaged with their education and information, and make sure that they exercise at least four times a week. I am a dad to four boys, so you would think that I have enough to focus on, but when you think you have done enough for your kids, when you think that you have crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s, there is still more work to be done.My resolution is to continue to be a father to my kids.
Not just to be there for them, but to teach them about life, health, God, and the world. My resolution is to stay involved and active in their lives, and I don’t just mean by paying for their clothes or feeding them, but being genuinely interested in what is going on with them.
My resolution is to continue to teach them respect, love, morals, fighting for what they believe in, sticking to their principals, and imparting the history and idea that is America. I will continue to teach them that their mother is the most important thing in their world, the sun of their solar system, and to treat her well and help her always. I will continue to teach them to be good boys, to get a long and take care of one another and their family.I will teach them that no matter what, they will always have each other and one day, they will have to face the world without us to guide them.
In order to do that, they need to learn responsibility and how to make good, and sometimes tough decisions. This cannot be taught to them by television, movies, media, video games, the internet, or overbearing school officials that think they know what is best for your child. No, these things start at home with mom and dad. When it comes to children, they need their fathers.In order to have all of this imparted to them and have them ready for an increasingly hostile world, they have to take care of their mind by reading, writing, learning history, playing music, and making art. So what if you are not Picasso? Simply sitting down with your children and doing these things with them is enough. You do not have to be an expert. This will make their minds strong.
They need faith and a spiritual side to life as well. Serving other people and believing in something bigger and greater than themselves will keep them grounded, humble, and interested in being a part of society for more than their own selfish reasons and goals, not that there is anything wrong with goals, but you get the message.Last, but certainly not least, as all three of these areas, (the mind, body, and soul are equally important), physical fitness is important to not just the body, but the mind as well. I’m not just talking about playing on the Wii for a half hour. I am talking hiking, running, swimming, camping, fishing, weights, and martial arts. My resolution is to keep my kids in shape. I have to teach them to take care of themselves, or I will be doing them the greatest disservice I can think of. Any father that loves their children will not teach them to be helpless.
(Did you know? Most of the people who are incarcerated in this country did not have a father or a strong male role model in their life. Most high school drop-outs did not have a father in their life. Children that grow up without fathers tend not to get a college education, commit violent crimes more frequently, and have a higher rate of suicide and substance abuse.)
God Bless You.
Daniel P. O’Rourke

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