War Drums Beat as the World Stands on the Brink of Armageddon

logoThe war in Syria is not a breaking news story. It is over 2 years old, and there are nearly 200,000 dead, with millions of Syrian refugees that have nowhere to go, no homes, or are trapped. The thin, red line that Obama mentioned about chemical weapons use by anyone, was crossed by Syrian President, Bashir al-Assad, a long time ago, and nothing happened. Chemical weapons were used again today in Syria, with hundreds of people dead. 

It is also not news that the U.S. has a Naval Fleet off the coast of Syria or that U.S. Special Forces have been training with Jordanian troops for an eventual armed conflict with Syria, specifically designed for a joint force operation to secure Syria’s chemical weapons. This has been going on since before the Syrian civil war. 

The fact that Russia and Iran have been supporting and sending weapons to Syria for years, even after the outbreak of the civil war there, is no secret, either. The fact that Russia and Iran do not want America involved is Syria, and have threatened severe consequences if we are to get involved there militarily in any context, again, is no mystery.

Here is what is new with the situation in Syria and a few reminders about what our so-called president was supposed to “change” about America that he has lied about like so many other things.

1.) The American People do not want to go to war in Syria or any war that is not absolutely necessary to the preservation of our nation.

2.) The American Military (for the most part) does not want to go to war in Syria. See rule number one.

3.) The American naval fleet off the coast of Syria is positioning, with four destroyers in particular, maneuvering into strike formation in order to launch Tomahawk Cruise Missiles against targets in Syria.

4.) There happens to be a Russian naval base in the way of that, in between our fleet and Syrian targets, off the coast of Syria.

5.) America and the American People definitely do not want a war in any way,shape, or form with Russia.

6.) Russia and the Russian People do not want a war in any way, shape, or form with America, either.

7.) Nobody in their right mind in the entire world wants to see a war between Russia and America, no people, anywhere, will benefit from that.

8.) It only takes one errant missile, one shot down jet, one killed soldier on either side to start a downward spiral in an already tense and cool relationship between America and Russia, that could lead to an armed conflict between the two nations, and possibly all out war.

9.) Obama is a coward.

10.) Putin is not and he will not hesitate to strike, at least in a limited fashion, against American forces, because that is just who he is. You do not become a Colonel in the KGB by being a coward or by not dropping the hammer without remorse when necessary, and maybe most importantly, he just does not respect Obama.

Our enemies the world over are emboldened by our lack of leadership and a strong man at the helm of the presidency. Like him or not, this would not be an issue if George W. Bush, or even Bill Clinton was in office. Vladimir Putin is one of the most formidable enemies America has ever known and the last one we want to bump heads with if we are not in it 100% and for a good reason. Syria is not a good reason.

I am as patriotic, proud, and sure of our military as anyone, more so even than most people. I am not a defeatist, either, and I believe that if we had to, we could throw everything we had at Russia and China both at the same time, and still have a pretty good chance of winning, but I absolutely do not trust or believe in the man who is calling himself the President of the United States right now. He does not have the leadership, experience, or stomach for confrontation on this scale. He likes to use the law and the shadows to hide behind. This type of conflict would not provide him with the cover that he requires.

If anything, in his arrogance and inexperience, he would pridefully overreact to any such situation and start World War III. Here are those reminders I mentioned earlier. When Barack Obama was running for office in his first term, he said that he was going to get us out of the Middle East, starting with a draw down in Iraq in 2010 and a withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2014. Here is what we got instead.

We withdrew large amounts of forces in Iraq, but we are still there and will be for some time. We are still in Afghanistan with talks of us leaving in 2014, but no real plan in place, meanwhile Obama is negotiating with our enemies, the Taliban, who are still terrorists no matter how you cut it. Obama ordered air strikes and naval assaults on Libya and we went to war there. We increased drone strikes and Black-Ops in Pakistan, Yemen, Mali, The Philippines, Somalia, and Iran under Obama, he propped up the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and sent them weapons and money. Everything he has touched in the Arab Spring of hopeful revolution has changed to bloody civil war. We are getting ready to go to war with Syria now. Where does this stop and the Obama Administrations lies end? Obama is not just the great divider of America, he is the great divider of the Middle East and the wider world.

We are being led by a man who is either completely incompetent or who is intentionally nefarious. What could be worse than that? This: a man who is both incompetent and nefarious. Regardless of the reasons, Barack Hussein Obama is leading us toward destruction in this nation, both physically and spiritually. He is at war as much with what makes America, America, as he is with his ideological enemies in the Middle East, (that being Shiite Muslims), as Obama obviously supports Sunni Muslim governments in the Middle East.

Let us pray that war with Syria does not play out and that God speeds up the time so that the next two and a half years of Obama’s reign goes by quickly. Whatever happens, we cannot let another Liberal into the White House, especially Hillary Clinton. If you think it is bad now, America will cease to exist under her rule, and the messes we find ourselves in will be amplified.

God Bless You.

Daniel P. O’Rourke

4 thoughts on “War Drums Beat as the World Stands on the Brink of Armageddon

  1. That was a great piece and right on the money. One of the main reasons I didn’t vote for romney was because I knew that he would listen to mccain and take us into syria and involve us more in the middle east, where yes, Armageddon sits! Now it seems that we are destined to become more involved in the area:(, but it has to be part of His plan so we might as well ride it out, best any of us can, and continue to spread the Word to those that have ears to hear and eyes to see. As well as ready our loved ones and friends, who’ll listen, and believe the prophecies about the ongoing battles that will lead up to the finale. I remember the year we all sat on the edge of disaster, for the entire world, as ships from russia headed to cuba, and JFK made sure that they wouldn’t get there and the plans the russians had for cuba and our country were stopped. But we had to live with that threat over our heads for many years and it still continues to sit in the back of many minds as the dragon brings his forces to bear. It never ceases to amaze me that so many people can be fooled into believing that God doesn’t exist; when it is obvious to so many of the believers that every day has its own miracles, signs and wonders. All we can do is to continue to plant the seeds and let God do the rest. But we have to continue to plant, even though it might seem that no one is listening or even more, caring enough to do something. Over my lifetime, I’ve come to realize that three important characteristics all Christians must have are persistence, perseverance and most importantly; patience. If you add those to your arsenal of weapons, you will not fail:) have a blessed day and peace be with you.

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