John McCain: Cards of Poker vs. The Cards of War

As the cards of war in Syria were being discussed on Tuesday at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) took it upon himself to play a game of cards on his iPhone during the hearing. A Washington Post reporter, by the name of Melina Mara, caught the bored Senator in a picture. The Washington Post reports that McCain explained to CNN that he got bored during the three and a half hour meeting and resorted to playing poker. He then went to Twitter after being caught stating “Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost!”

Now, as an American citizen, this truly disgusts me. I am from the great state of Arizona and was completely embarrassed to be from the state that this man is supposed to represent. If your attention span cannot last during a hearing about whether or not we are going to strike a country, then maybe it is time for you to retire. I am sick and tired of these greedy people we put into power taking situations lightly when the decisions they could be making could have dire consequences on us as a nation. Many people in this country do not want us to go to war; but as you may have heard, Congress has approved the strikes on Syria, and now we may be heading even deeper into the spiral then we already have gone.

Mr. McCain, you RINO, when are you and the other supposed representatives of THE PEOPLE going to listen to us?! When are you people going to start taking things seriously; it’s what we pay you for. Or is it time for you to be put into a retirement home in Sun City? There are some of us that absolutely love this country and what you did was completely despicable to say the least. If one of us were to do that in a business meeting, no matter how long, we would have been reprimanded for it. But you people are held to a higher standard for some reason, so it’s ok. YOU ARE THERE TO SERVE US!!! Act like it!

Brothers and sisters, our elected officials are slowly starting to show their true colors. When are we going to start showing ours? Most of us know that striking Syria is a VERY bad idea, although McCain doesn’t think so or even seem to care. We also know that there is some kind of agenda behind all of this and maybe he is getting something out of it. We can no longer stand by and let them destroy us any longer. Our military needs to stand up and say “Hell No!” to going to Syria, especially if they decide to put boots on the ground. Since they will not listen to the American public, and obviously do not take this situation seriously, it is up to our brothers and sisters in arms to stand up against them and we must support them.

God Bless

Jason Vandeberg

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