The Anniversary of 9/11: Military Action

I still remember to this day where I was on 9-11-01. I had just gotten into work that morning when the news was turned on in time to see the second plane hit the tower. Watching, I took notice of reports that did not add up to begin with. The confusion as to flight numbers and where they had departed from could be understandable, but then one thing that did catch my attention was the reports of grounding all United Airline flights. That was interesting, why not ground all airlines? Maybe they did and the report I was watching only mentioned United at the time. I did look up to the sky to see no planes circling for emergency landings in Indianapolis though, where I worked just a few miles from the airport. That was haunting, how could there be no planes in the area that needed to be on the ground and accounted for?

We lost a lot of lives in the attack. We had many brave men and women rush into the buildings that could have easily hesitated and saved their own lives. We saw America, home of the brave, under attack with little to go on while confusion lingered for months to years. Architectural engineers surfaced to claim the buildings would not have evaporated like they did from where they were struck. Others argued that the heat caused the structure to fail. I don’t know about the design and any flaws and don’t allow myself to get caught in that web. What I do know is we never heard from any family members of the victims inside those two planes that day though, only the one that went down in the field. The Pentagon was also struck by a “large commercial airliner,” leaving a small hole in the wall of the records department. Again, you see no family members speaking out on those lost in that flight. What were lost though were records that would have traced missing money mentioned the day before. Again, I will not get into conspiracy theories here or take away from any lives lost.

Americans came together on that day, hell bent on payback. I too, wanted to enlist but is when I found out I had narcolepsy and wasn’t always asleep for no reason. I was on the bench and worried about the younger men and women going into battle with cowards that strike in ways the United States never would.

We never questioned any reasons why a business partner of our president at the time would commit such an act of terrorism. We only rallied behind him. We first entered into Iraq, looking for a coward who was reported by some sources to be in the US still. We quickly lost our way and decided it was time to take out Sadom Hussein years after Desert Storm. Now the goal to me became clear, our leaders were already beginning a hostile takeover of the Middle East. We began destroying anything that resembled their current ways in hopes to build a “Democracy” and probably an ally. We only made things worse allowing the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda to run rampant through the country. We then crossed into Afghanistan to finally find this elusive Bin Laden. Many more years passed while we also broke down any structured system they had in place allowing the same to occur as in Iraq. We finally, after 10+ years, found our target and took him out. Did this end our invasion, of course not because that was never the goal to begin with?

We then heard here in the US that we couldn’t just pull troops out of a tattered nation and leave them to fend for themselves. In reality, we could have found Bin Laden and disposed of him without the means of war in the first place and to prove that, look at all we have taken out with drone strikes since then.

Now, on the 12th anniversary of the attack on American soil, our so called leaders will vote on striking Syria with the rebels, the same rebels we allowed to take so many lives from us. On a day we should celebrate in remembrance of civilians and first responders that paid the ultimate price for freedom, our government is seeking to destroy yet another country.

If you still do not see the initial goal taking shape for an Islam led world takeover, let us look at Egypt again. Once Morsi was forced out, what happened? Total destruction occurred with Obama showing support for the Morsi regime once again. We are looking at a strategic one world takeover led by the men who are not afraid to use methods that the Geneva Convention does not allow others to use, killing women, children and elderly that stand in the way.

Bryan Turner

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