Breaking Down America

Who here finds it apparent that Obama is pulling out all the stops in hopes that America will launch an attack on the government? He has pushed racial divide, class warfare tactics and instituted so many policies that were sure to disrupt patriots. He has belittled and slandered Christians and constitutionalists. Obama has pushed Americans to a so called “guaranteed” breaking point to learn his tactics failed to spark a war. So then, he prolonged war although he was going to bring our troops home in 2009 according to his own words. Bush’s war it was and we had no business there he said. Lies or strategy, regardless he changed his words. He openly supported the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi, Syrian Rebels and more, knowing the Americans once again could explode into violence, giving money to other countries while we are broke! There was still no attack by the “extremist groups” of Christians and patriots. Permits were denied to the Bikers but not the Muslims, just another anger boost.  So to up the anger even more, Obama wants to vote on war in Syria, joining forces with the men who assaulted and disrespected our country on 9-11-01. This is no ordinary vote; this vote will come on the anniversary of cowardly attacks by cowardly people. The vote is pushing to be in favor of a strike, helping these same cowards that carried out these attacks. If Obama can get the American people to strike the government first, he would have a sense of gaining sympathy from other nations instead of seeing other nations against his tyrannical plans. You must remember the world knows America as the free world, and our laws and constitutional rights. Many held the US in highest regards because as long as America was not corrupt like their country, they have hope and less fear of their government killing their own people, and they should feel this way. We have always found our way into a civil war in many countries, just not on this side before. These are the last ditch efforts of tyrants to take control in a defensive fashion. Starting offensively would be the end before the beginning and they know that. The last option is to stage attacks and ask for foreign support and I imagine that is the next step. I hope Americans are not buying time out of fear, yet strategy and timing. We have not and should not throw the first major blow, but we also need to realize defense could be very necessary in the coming days.

Bryan Turner

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