Where to from here?

Const w List of amendHello sweet family! May your day be blessed and may you remember there are people out here who care for you. May your minds and hands work together like well oiled machines producing articles and stories for your local community newspapers.  People, something has been on my heart to share with all of you . . . Honestly, if volunteering for something and making a commitment, one must see it through. There are people who don’t mind doing a lot of things because of being retired, and not working outside the home. Some are limited as to what they can do so this is fun. BUT, do not wish to be a martyr. Martyrdom was given up years ago.  When one commits one’s self to something, one is there to make it work if there is a way to make it work. Some are taught that commitments are like vows, specifically “Don’t vow and not keep it for that is worse than the original vow.” Like a marriage vow or a vow to take care of a child . . .  So having all that was to say this . . . Each person gets discouraged, understandable, things haven’t turned out the way you originally projected they would; understandable as well. Here is a rhetorical question . . . Do you really what to step away and give up when there may be a way to maneuver and cause further success? Think about it. Understandable also is that people have family commitments which severely limit involvement at this time. The Bible is creative and hard bound in black and white, therefore it is easily accessed. What needs to be focused on at the present time is the Constitution, the Patriotic, Legal and REAL LIFE happenings around us. That is lacking from our repertoire of knowledge. It is not right to say we are something when we are not! There are only minute amounts of Patriotic information being provided. The Bible gives people a vast wonder of information to draw from.  All this said, people don’t need replies or defenses. Everyone has one and it is useful for the person who provides it. Actions speak the loudest of intent. There are no ultimatums or threats. There are facts. 1)More involvement is needed from the individuals who are able;  2)Articles and pictures dealing with Constitutional, Patriotic, Legal and REAL LIFE happenings need to be gathered and presented to local communities; and 3) people need to work with others to consolidate materials and efforts so as to make the wisest use of resources. Without those three infusions of life, we are dead in the water, or comatose if you prefer, and the socialists in control continue to withdraw our rights and freedoms. The ball is in your court . . .    God Bless America

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