Hands(13)Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
(14)If you ask Me anything in My name, I will do it. — John 14:13-14 (NASB)

How do you pray for things or people’s circumstances that seem impossible?

For people, we do it by loving them, one person at a time, one soft prayer at a time. For things, we do it by placing our hands on the computer screen and just asking the Lord to take care of it. Simple? Yes! But in the case of people, it can sometimes look anything but simple!

Throughout the Bible we have many examples of folks who were occasional idiots. Moses lost his temper and killed a man. David let his testosterone run away with him and killed a man to get his wife. Abraham and Isaac lied to cover themselves and almost got their wives in a dangerous situation. Samson made a hash of his life by being attracted to an evil woman. Solomon, the “wisest” man in all of history, had 600 wives, who caused him to allow false idols throughout his territory. What a mess! How could those men ever have been favored by God . . . and yet they were!

God loves a challenge. He loves people so much that those who adamantly proclaim things sound mean and nasty are in for a real surprise . . .God hears our prayers for them! They are toast for the Kingdom of Heaven!

I once had a boss who many people disliked. He was crass, hot-tempered, and could be vicious. Some on the city council detested him within the first few months of his hiring. Some of the men on the police force thought he was the southbound end of a northbound donkey. But I noticed something in spite of all his bluster. When he talked about people – the citizens who had been hurt, or his own men, tears would form in his eyes. He’d gruffly blink them back and walk away so no one would see. but the tears were real. By the time he left from the position some months later, he was joining us on occasion for prayer. He honored me–and thereby honored the Lord in me. I consider him a friend to this day. He was never hopeless, nor was he as gruff as he seemed –God had a pry bar in his heart. There is softness towards the Lord underneath the grizzly bear exterior.

When you encounter overwhelming prayer requests, don’t be dismayed. God know the needs, all He asks is that we ask for them. It doesn’t take more than a minute, and our prayer doesn’t need to be long or drawn out. He is the ONLY true living God. He hears every prayer and He answers them. It’s like setting in motion an unstoppable avalanche when we pray. All of the junk is going to get shoved down the hill and the only thing left standing is what God wants. It’s a true adventure in changing lives!

(This information has been shared by permission from “Whispers of Heaven” by Rosalie Storment and Faye Higbee, copyrighted 2011.)

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