Hang On To Your Dreams

Peace(34)“So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. —Matthew 6:34 (NASB)

Hang on to your dreams. You don’t fixate on tomorrow. Dad’s ways are often confusing to us as we navigate life on a daily basis. So what is He talking about?

Let’s start with a hint: prophecy is not fortune-telling. Prophetic utterance is speaking forth the Word of the Lord–for encouraging the Church, for letting people know that God hears them, for establishing God’s will and plan. Sometimes “prophecy” ends up as divination – will I be married, will I get rich, will such and such be in my future? It becomes a forum for trying to make God tell us what we want to hear.

Hanging on to our dreams is about hearing the voice of God and staying true to Him, no matter what happens to try to deter us from His plan. A prophetic Word from the Lord can help us stand strong in the midst of the enemy’s attempts to derail our destiny.

Every year promises to be more difficult in the world. But God’s people are beloved–and His promises to them are yes and amen! We don’t need to worry about what is to come or what will happen to us, because our God has promised to be our Rock, our fortress, our strength, our joy . . . and we are citizens of His Kingdom, not the earth!

God’s Kingdom cannot be stopped. Every evil can try to stamp out Christianity or destroy our destinies, but God is sovereign over all. The authority against ALL the works of the enemy belongs to Jesus the Christ. Trust Him. Know that He is King of kings and Lord of lords. And no matter what we see each, trust Him that His plan and purposes will come to pass in our lives.

(This information was used by permission from “Whispers of Heaven” written by Rosalie Storment and Faye Higbee, copyrighted 2011)

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