Radical Righteousness

Radical Righteousness, what a glorious name.  The word righteousness stands for living to do what is morally right and religiously right.  The word radical has it’s own concept that can be taken many ways.  I for one believe in Radical Righteousness.  The time has come for a new radical righteousness to sweep this Nation if we are determined to save this great country called the United States of America.


In mid 1776 the Articles of Confederation were drawn up and sent to the 13 states for ratification.  The constitutional delegates gave themselves the power to declare war against King George thus beginning the Revolutionary War even when not yet ratified.  Radical Righteousness

In 1786 the constitutional delegates found the new republic of the United States of America was in need of a new constitution and planned to meet in Philadelphia.  They spent an entire year working out all there details and it took three years for it to be ratified.  Radical Righteousness

In the coming days we will be taking a look at the character behind the delegates and what went on behind the scenes in Philadelphia that made this country Radical Righteousness.




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