The Anniversary of 9-11: Impact on America

From the initial attack, the United States has changed and not so much for the better. After the smoke cleared and the dust settled, we find ourselves going back into time where our founding fathers warned us we could go. We see it, but we do not believe it or we just feel we have to accept it. Either way, we are not doing anything to truly correct it.

We have seen so many executive orders come from presidents since the attack, allowing the citizens to be more controlled by our government. We have many new divisions of government to “protect” us from further attacks.

We saw little steps, with limited spying on us all under Bush. Many were outraged, mainly because he was not the speaker Obama is.

Under Obama, we are fully watched like Germans under Hitler and many accept it much like Germans. We have a new army, the Homeland Security but for what? TSA who singles out Americans only or Border patrol that has sparked conflict with Mexico or FEMA who failed us during Katrina could go in this category.

We have the NSA watching our every move but what good is coming from this? Nothing that is showing in large scales being we have had multiple small attacks still. Boston, if not rehearsed, shoots any program down that would have prevented it.

We cannot enjoy any events without big brother looking over our shoulders and not allowing us to carry many of the same items along that we have for years before.

We have separated since coming together as one nation under God, and allowing evil to reign supreme. Muslims are kidnapping our young women and using them as sex slaves in our own country and we rely on our government who has proven support for them to correct it.

Islamic camps are popping up across the US and we have to accept it too. Christians and patriots alike are the new terrorists in our own country. Pride for our flag and our God who we built upon is under attack.

Plans for a mosque to be built where the towers once stood was in the works just to slap us once again and we still talk of elections to right this wrong. We saw voter fraud already and I seriously doubt we will see any difference in midterms. I hope I am wrong.

The last twelve years, we have been pushed back in time, under control but not by the British this time. Every aspect of the land of the free and home of the brave is fading each passing anniversary of the attack on the US. The attack that no other country would have seen coming because you don’t invade America, carried out by Muslims and they have been invading ever since.

Now the rest of the world is questioning our ability like never before because Americans have become lazy and scared. We are descendants from men who stood against a very large army and hailed victory. We still have that blood, but the mind has been destroyed.

This 12th anniversary, please look to Christ, God or whatever you believe in and try to find the mind to question the actions of the president.  We cannot allow one more anniversary of terrorism to pass without moving forward instead of backwards even further.

Bryan Turner

Syria on the Eve of Destruction: America, Russia, China and WWIII- Part Two

logoIn the years between WWI and WWII, the world was in tumult. Wars, insurgencies, and insurrections did not end after the Great War, but actually intensified, however on a much smaller scale than WWI. It is important to note that WWII was basically a continuation of WWI with some fundamental differences and shifts in Alliances. It was as if WWI had simply been put on pause because of the sheer amount of casualties and money spent,  and because everyone was tired of war. There were still scores to settle and old hatreds burning. In part two of this four part examination of the imminent war with Syria and possibly the World, we will briefly go over the years between WWI and WWII, WWII very briefly, and the beginning of the Cold War, and all the wars by proxy afterward, and how that has contributed and led up to the breaking point that we are at now.


Early on, there was a strong push by communists inside Germany, too. Red Socialism was sweeping Europe, particularly Eastern Europe. The “Spartacist” communist revolt was attempted in Berlin in January, 1919. It was quickly squashed by German forces, but a new type of radicalism was starting to grow among Germany’s youth and angry veterans of the first World War. But it would be a time before the Nazis were formed officially.

The German National Assembly met at Weimar in 1919. A couple of months later, the Treaty of Versailles is submitted to the German delegation by the Allies. Something to note: Hitler had always felt that the armistice was severe in the conditions that the treaty imposed on Germany, saying that it was far more brutal than what Germany had imposed on the Soviet Union after it withdrew from WWI. Regardless, the German authorities ended up signing the treaty nonetheless, but Hitler later used this to his advantage as one of his main arguments and rallying cries for hostilities to begin in what ultimately became WWII.

On the Central Powers side of things (Germany, Austria-Hungary), Germany’s national pride, stature, territory, and pocketbook took a crushing blow, suffering staggering loses in all aspects of its existence, while Austria loss massive amounts of territory, and Hungary became independent. the Allies side of things went the spoils of war, but not everyone was happy. America, Britain, and France got the lions share, while Japan and Italy walked away feeling cheated, having seem very little of the spoils. It is important to point out that it took the Allies six months to agree with one another what their treaty demands were on the Central Powers. Much of it was because they could not easily agree on who got what from the victory of the Great War. When they finally decided, Britain, America, and France made an unofficial alliance inside the Allies, and backed each other in agreement, forcing Italy and Japan to accept much less than the other three. This was not forgotten by Italy and Japan and they felt used. Russia was excluded because of the fall of the Russian Empire, the murder of the Tsars, and the forming of the Soviet Union by the Bolshevik Communists, which withdrew from the war and signed a treaty with Germany. Serbia, which seemed small in comparison to all that was going on then, became Yugoslavia. Continue reading