Questions of the Heart

The ViewDo you ever feel abandoned, just tossed out in the wind?

Do you ever wonder if and when the pain will even end?

Do you ever love so much you sit alone and cry?

Wondering if the pain will ease even when you die?

Will the cares you carry ever disappear?

Will the people you love ever know you’re near?

Will the dreams you’ve held so long ever come to pass?

Will they wilt like flowers die or turn brown like the grass?

Have you walked near rolling shores and looked out at the sky?

Have you heard the birds sing or the wolf’s lone cry?

Have you wondered where you’ll be in a week or so?

Have you really ever cared to live or just go with the flow?

All these questions approach me as older I become

All these years seem like many centuries in one.

Speaking to my heart it seems eternities oft soar

Through day and night and night and day they roll for evermore.

So take my heart, my dreams, my love wrapped up with a bow

Knowing you are always with me even when you go.