Syria on the Eve of Destruction: America, Russia, China and WWIII- Part Two

logoIn the years between WWI and WWII, the world was in tumult. Wars, insurgencies, and insurrections did not end after the Great War, but actually intensified, however on a much smaller scale than WWI. It is important to note that WWII was basically a continuation of WWI with some fundamental differences and shifts in Alliances. It was as if WWI had simply been put on pause because of the sheer amount of casualties and money spent,  and because everyone was tired of war. There were still scores to settle and old hatreds burning. In part two of this four part examination of the imminent war with Syria and possibly the World, we will briefly go over the years between WWI and WWII, WWII very briefly, and the beginning of the Cold War, and all the wars by proxy afterward, and how that has contributed and led up to the breaking point that we are at now.


Early on, there was a strong push by communists inside Germany, too. Red Socialism was sweeping Europe, particularly Eastern Europe. The “Spartacist” communist revolt was attempted in Berlin in January, 1919. It was quickly squashed by German forces, but a new type of radicalism was starting to grow among Germany’s youth and angry veterans of the first World War. But it would be a time before the Nazis were formed officially.

The German National Assembly met at Weimar in 1919. A couple of months later, the Treaty of Versailles is submitted to the German delegation by the Allies. Something to note: Hitler had always felt that the armistice was severe in the conditions that the treaty imposed on Germany, saying that it was far more brutal than what Germany had imposed on the Soviet Union after it withdrew from WWI. Regardless, the German authorities ended up signing the treaty nonetheless, but Hitler later used this to his advantage as one of his main arguments and rallying cries for hostilities to begin in what ultimately became WWII.

On the Central Powers side of things (Germany, Austria-Hungary), Germany’s national pride, stature, territory, and pocketbook took a crushing blow, suffering staggering loses in all aspects of its existence, while Austria loss massive amounts of territory, and Hungary became independent. the Allies side of things went the spoils of war, but not everyone was happy. America, Britain, and France got the lions share, while Japan and Italy walked away feeling cheated, having seem very little of the spoils. It is important to point out that it took the Allies six months to agree with one another what their treaty demands were on the Central Powers. Much of it was because they could not easily agree on who got what from the victory of the Great War. When they finally decided, Britain, America, and France made an unofficial alliance inside the Allies, and backed each other in agreement, forcing Italy and Japan to accept much less than the other three. This was not forgotten by Italy and Japan and they felt used. Russia was excluded because of the fall of the Russian Empire, the murder of the Tsars, and the forming of the Soviet Union by the Bolshevik Communists, which withdrew from the war and signed a treaty with Germany. Serbia, which seemed small in comparison to all that was going on then, became Yugoslavia. Continue reading

Obama Lies, America Dies… An Open Letter to Barack HUSSEIN Obama

English: Student pledging to the flag, 1899.

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Mr. Obama…eh, Soetoro…uh Soebarkah…wait a minute, Bounel…no, Ludwig

What the hell… Whoever you are…

For the last five years we have watched as you have shucked and jived, exaggerated, distorted and outright lied about many things of significant importance to the American people. You have interjected yourself in events for the sole purpose of bringing attention TO you, yet feign ignorance of issues that show you are totally clueless as to what it REALLY means to be the leader of the free world.

You close the doors of The People’s House to the People, yet continue your lavish partying with “celebrities”. You ignore facts and evidence that run counter to your support for your muslim bretheren, allowing members of that “brotherhood” into highly sensitive positions throughout the government in order to cleanse various departments of all things “anti-muslim”. Your Defense Dept. classifies the actions of a known enemy sympathizer as “workplace violence”, while others such as the DHS, CIA, FBI etc. are characterizing whistleblowers and other patriotic Americans as “terrorists”.

We cannot display the Ten Commandments in public spaces, schools no longer allow students to recite The Pledge of Allegiance.  Men and women of faith in the military face punishment for exercising their faith, yet muslims are allowed to practice their faith unmolested in schools or wherever they demand.

This didn’t start with you, Mr. Transparency, but you have not followed up on any of your promises to curtail the actions of these departments. Instead you allow these things to increase. You bow to foreign leaders, make apologies and excuses. Your foreign policy is a sham, and domestically you and your administration have done nothing but work towards the destruction of our economy, set race relations back 50-60 years, and feverishly work to reshape our education system into one of indoctrination.

It is crystal clear that you and your acolytes want the rest of America to be ashamed of our heritage and culture, but I tell you now that what you are doing will not stand. There is a groundswell forming that you and your supporters will not be able to withstand. Your so called domestic army, just as strong as the military,  will wither and blow away as so much dust if ever called to act against the American Patriots who choose to stand for our Country and Constitution.  The attempts by you, your party and the RINO’s to run roughshod over our founding documents and principles will continue to face mounting resistance, regardless of E.O.’s or other edicts. I shall never kneel before you, nor shall I pray to you.

You have no concept of what it really means to be an American, I suggest you learn and act accordingly, or step down before you are forced to do so.

With Abundant Resolve

Bret W. Bourg

Coptic Christians Killed as Obama, World Watch

I have a feeling that if Muslims were being slaughtered in Mosques and targeted specifically because of their religion anywhere, but especially in the Middle East, there would be multiple U.N. mandates, world out cry and disgust, and the mainstream media groups would be reporting it as breaking news on all channels. But, if you are a Christian, particularly of the Coptic sect in Egypt (one of the oldest Christian groups in history), you do not matter as much. In fact, the Coptic Christians in Egypt and other Christian groups in Syria, and around the Middle East and North Africa are being targeted, harassed, attacked, and murdered for the fact that they are Christians.

Where is the collective gasp of global condemnation? Why are only some of the excellent, but smaller conservative news sites like Breitbart and The Blaze the only one’s heavily reporting this? Why is it alright for Muslims to kill Christians because of their beliefs, but a Christian, even here in America, faces possible hate-crime charges for simply speaking out against Islam. I guess it is in line with the same twisted thinking that can call George Zimmerman a “white man” and a racist for what happened to Trayvon Martin, but two black teens and a bi-racial teen can kill a “white man” in Oklahoma, and even specifically state it is out of hate, but it does not get reported. But, I digress…

That is a different story, but the relationship between it and the slaughter of the Coptic Christians in Egypt is found in the mentality of the mass-media in this country and abroad. Make no mistake about it, Good People, whether Christians are actually being shot, beheaded, and blown up (which is happening), or the media that has a responsibility to report these matters are either silent, or under-reporting it, there is a very real war against Christianity going on. In the Middle East, it is a shooting war. Here in America, it is a war of ideologies, omission, the stripping of religious freedoms from Christians, and pressure and intimidation against Christian groups. Continue reading

Insisting on Insanity


Roman Ruins

The wheel keeps turning…How many times have civilizations risen, only to crumble to dust in the 6000 odd years of this current cycle of recorded history? We can look back into the archeological record and find the evidence, we can corroborate myths and legends to form a pretty accurate picture of what happened to the Sumerians, Assyrians, Greeks,  Romans etc. We can refer to documentation, religious texts and other means to trace the end of the Aztecs and other “indigenous” tribes around the world.  We can do all this and more, yet it seems we really have learned nothing.

I’m not a scholar, I’m just an average person in all respects, yet it doesn’t take an Einstein to look back and see the disturbing similarities between the fallen empires of the past and what we are witnessing in the world today. We have technology the likes of which have never been seen before, we speak to each other from any point on the globe at the speed of light. We are taking the first tentative steps off this planet toward the stars. We can cure the once incurable if we so choose, yet we allow  a corrupt few to dominate the masses. We cower in fear in the presence of those who claim divine right, or by virtue of obscene wealth, the power to rule over us.

How many times throughout history have people stood against tyrants, only to have their society fall into ruin and chaos? How many times have humans knocked themselves so far back as to have to start from scratch? HOW MANY TIMES?!  With today’s technology, we, common human beings, have the ability to move mountains. Each and every one of us are unique and have the ability, the natural-born right to stand against the corrupt and despotic. We have the right to say no and determine for ourselves what direction to take on the path of life.  Look to the people of Egypt, descendants of one of the earliest great civilizations… 33 MILLION individuals became aware of their power to become one against tyranny, chose to say NO to the Muslim Brotherhood and their ally, the American GOVERNMENT. They choose to determine for themselves what government to have serve their needs, not what outsiders wish to impose on them.

This is the spirit that must be harnessed by all people yearning to be free. This is the biggest fear of the old money, so-called “powers that be”.

Those that call for a “New World Order” are quaking in their boots now that the “cattle” are stirring, becoming aware of the great power we hold.  We must not give up one more ounce of control to these evil cretins.  Every bit of control we give over to government ( especially that given over “for our own good”) puts us one step closer to an assured demise. We must not allow these creatures of the dark side to continue driving wedges of race, cultural difference, or political correctness between us to divide and conquer. We must drive those who wish to subjugate us beyond the brink of extinction, not merely underground as has been done in the past, only to have them rise up and threaten us again.

Many of the Earth’s major religions share common stories of creation, life, death and renewal.  Today, civilization seems to be rushing to the Final Conflict between good and evil.  Jesus may return astride a white horse, with a sword coming from His mouth, but it will be US doing the fighting against the evil that occupies the earth today…That is what people don’t understand, it will be PEOPLE fighting PEOPLE, not angels against demons. God can beat the Devil whenever he wants…He wants US to prove our strength and worthiness… at least that’s how I see it because that is how I’ve been raised. I’m not assuming to speak for other religions, but I will take a guess that their visions may be similar.

Speaking now strictly of Americans… We should be ashamed at what we have let our nation become. Regardless of what our so-called “leaders ” of today would have us believe, this nation may not have been founded solely on the Word of God, but surely on its principles.  What is so wrong with “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you?” Just what is so hideous in our Constitution and Bill of Rights that they should be changed at the whim of Obama and his perverted cohorts?  What makes them believe that they can run roughshod over the beliefs and desires of those they have been elected to serve?

America has become a modern-day Roman Empire, rife with corruption and lawlessness within the halls of power, its military stretched thin by ill-conceived wars of modern economic conquest. Welfare programs giving bailouts to the rich, handouts to the poor, all while breaking the backs of those in the middle who pay for it all.  The First Family jet-setting around the world while telling us to tighten our belts. Letting enemies to our way of life into our government, OUR White House, while we mere commoners must stay outside and not soil their surroundings.

Wake up America, Red, Black,Yellow, White, Brown, and every shade in between…Take a lesson from Egypt and every other country where people are willing to use sticks and stones against armored troops in their fight to be free…The final battle is coming, it is time to get off this wheel of insanity, break the cycle and move on to a new age, one of peace and dare I say enlightenment. Our governments have the ability to return us to the stone age, to oblivion if we let them. We must take the reins back now and destroy those who would do us harm. We must destroy the evil lurking among us once and for all. Good over Evil. Light over Darkness. Which do you choose?

Bret Bourg

Egyptian Authorities Crack Down on The Muslim Brotherhood: Possible Ban

See, ladies and gentlemen, there is a God. And He is on the side of light and justice, and the American, Israeli, and Egyptian People. He is for all of us that stand against brutal dictators, tyrannical governments, and nefarious organizations. Now, the Egyptian military and government is considering a ban on the Muslim Brotherhood. Thank God. The Egyptian People have spoken, the world has spoken, and there is no place or tolerance for Radical Islamic Terrorists and Extremists among a civilized world and societies. We here in America do not want them on our shores or influencing policy in our country, Israel certainly does not want them in power, and now the good, everyday regular people of the Middle East in general are rejecting these ideologies, specifically that of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda in Egypt.

Over the last week, several clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and those opposed to the Brotherhood, including the military, have resulted in violence, blood, and chaos across Egypt. While terrorists like to encourage all those things, their attitude changes quickly when the shoe is on the other foot. That is because Islamic Extremists are cowards at their core, and will do whatever two-faced deeds are necessary to survive. They will kill and spill the blood of the innocent without regard to decency or law, and then when they find themselves under attack, they will attempt to invoke those same laws.

With Radical Islam, they are an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth, so reap the whirlwind, Muslim Brotherhood. Live by the sword, die by the sword. You made your bed with the help of your #1 Fan Barack Hussein Obama, now lie in it and take your medicine. And if you think Obama is going to come and help you, I have bad news for you. He is not. It is no longer convenient or politically ideal for him to support you. His time in America is almost over. Soon, both Barack Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood will be obscure aberrations in history, both only remembered for their failures.

Over the last week, 700 + people have died in Egypt alone, meanwhile Secretary of State John Kerry and the POTUS are off on vacation as usual. Syria is continuing to get worse and worse as the days pass, and even two of the biggest political rino whores in history, Senator John McCain (R)- AZ and Senator Lindsey Graham (R)- SC have decided it is time for them to stand with Senator Rand Paul (R)- KY on not sending money and arms to the Middle East with a blank check. 

Goodbye, Muslim Brotherhood. May God Bless and Protect the good people of Egypt and keep the Coptic Christians there from slaughter. Let us look at Egypt’s military as a reminder of what a military with their priorities straight and the interest of The People look like. It is a sad day when Americans are taking examples of revolution and righteousness from the Egyptian People and their military. That should be a testament to just how far down Obama and his supporters have driven this country. Let’s throw off the shackles of them in the 2014 Mid-Term Elections.

God Bless You.

Daniel P. O’Rourke